SensorNetics Inc.


A sample of previous projects


Wireless EEG Module

FDA approved device provides simple mobile connectivity for early detection and tracking of brain injury

Trapped Miner Locator

Low frequency transmitter and receiver to penetrate underground rock

Electronic Flight Information System

High Function graphic displays of flight information replacing analog instruments for savings in size, weight, and cost while increasing reliability

Aircraft Engine information System

Customizable compact graphic displays of engine information for single cyclinder 2 strokes to multicylinder exotics

Health Care Wireless Tracking System

Facility wide tracking system for hospital equipment and personnel safety

Wandering Patient System

Wander protection system for Alzheimers patients

3 kW 270V Power Supply

Rechargeable hot swappable Lithium battery power packs meeting CE and mil specs for the JSF program

Blast Monitoring Instruments

Battery powered blast vibration and air ovepressure monitors for mines, quarries, and construction

Crack Monitor

Ship hull integrity instrument with 16 strain gauge channels and high resolution resistance measurement

Furnace Efficiency Meter

World first combustion analyser to calculate and display furnace efficiency directly

Combustion Analysers

Multi generation instruments to measure combustion gases for reduced emissions and improved efficiency